Tuesday, 11 June 2013


I'm back! Been super busy working on a collection designing for Rip The Runway which I'll blog about in a next post once I get all the press pictures it's been a long journey, If you don't see me posting regularly you should definitely check out my IG which is probably the most consistent thing I use.
Anyways, Back to this post. 

If anyone knows me from my last blog you would know that I am a huge bargain hunter! I love the fact that I can get a huge variety of clothes for a small price. That notion has always driven me to shop in places that wouldn't neccesarily be your average shoppers first pick. 
I used to shop in markets, charity shops, primark, ebay and other random shops a lot when I was in college when I didn't have much money. But I always looked good which surprised everyone when I would tell them where I got my items from.

But when I started making money (lol) I left the charity shops and markets alone and opted to minimalise my wardrobe and make my dressing a lot more simple, shopping in stores like Zara.
Anyways I was asked by a friend of mine Amina who has recently started a Youtube channel, If I would come shopping with her to show people how we shop in charity shops on a budget. I love love love everything that her blog stands for which is why I promote her so much. I know that there are tons of young girls online nowadays that look at us "fashionistas" and covet what we have but it doesn't have to be like that, you can spend less and still look the best!
Check out our video below and be sure to subscribe :)

This maxi dress I am wearing with skinny spaghetti straps and left leg thigh slip I bought from the second from last Charity shop in Dagenham in the video below. I instantly had a vision for it when I saw it as you will see when you watch it. This dress was £1! Rihanna for River Island eat your heart out!
Shoes: ASOS

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