Wednesday, 1 May 2013


So this was my second visit to the wonderful city of Paris, I had an amazing weekend full of multiple jokes and laughter, Actually went out their for my sisters 23rd birthday which was nice, the company was great, the food not too bad, the weather OK.
Although coming back to London and getting on the Central Line (underground train line) made me really appreciate my city London, It is clean, warm and non smelly lol, 
Next time I go back to Paris will hopefully be with my hubby! Yes Lord! haha I didn't see or feel the 'romance' that is so regularly associated with the idea of Paris so I didn't feel any kind of way :P

I loved visiting the Museum du Louvre and seeing all the paintings of my Lord and Saviour that was my favourite part :)
Paris is definitely very picturesque which being a creative I absolutely love!
I didn't get to visit the markets and do much shopping, I did notice the prices in Paris are a little more expensive than London which didn't entice me to buy anything that I could get over here, there. 
Hope you enjoyed this post and the videos, Be sure to check out my Instagram photos of Paris.

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  1. Breeny-Lee, Beautiful and wonderful! Loved seeing the Louvre, the Eiffel Tower, your boo-boos, St Peter and your faith! Thanks for sharing Paris with me! Thanks to Daytona Monroe for sharing!